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We’re back!

Hi everyone, Unfortunately Daily Moshiach Thought has been down for a little while. But Baruch Hashem it’s now back up and running. However, instead of sending the Daily Thoughts via email, from now on we will be on Facebook. Please like and share our page- Daily Moshiach Thought- so we can reach as many Yidden as possible to unite in […]

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ט"ז אב התשע"ו

Mitzvas Asei #245

Today’s mitzvah (Mitzvas Asei #245) is the same mitzvah AGAIN! (When we are learning many halachos connected with the same mitzvah in Rambam, we just keep reviewing it in Sefer Hamitzvos!) When we do business, buying or selling things, we need to do it the way the Torah teaches us.

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כ"ד אב התשע"ו

24 Menachem Av

Tanya in a txt As G-d’s energy hits D world it splits in2 613 parts ie Mitzvos which also split in2 more details giving every1 a chance 2 shine with 1 own mitzva

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כ"ד אב התשע"ו

24 Menachem Av

מְקוּבָּל רַבִּי מִפִּי רַבִּי: אִין דעֶר צַייט פוּן מַחֲלוֹקֶת הַיְּדוּעָה, האָבּעֶן חֲסִידִים דעֶרצֵיילט דעֶם אַלטעֶן רֶבִּי’ן דִי גְרוֹיסעֶ יִסּוּרִים וואָס מ’האָט פוּן דִי מִתְנַגְדִישׁעֶ פְּראָסטעֶ אִידעֶן. האָט דעֶר רֶבִּי געֶזאָגט: דעֶר זֵיידעֶ — אַזוֹי פְלעֶגט דעֶר רֶבִּי רוּפעֶן דעֶם בַּעַל שֵׁם טוֹב — האָט זֵייעֶר לִיב געֶהאַט דִי פְרָאסטֶע אִידֶען. אִין דִי עֶרשׁטֶע טעֶג וועֶן אִיךְ בִּין געֶוועֶן אִין מעֶזרִיטשׁ, […]

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