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י' אלול התשע"ו

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  By realizing that the challenges that we face are there only in order for us to prepare the world for Moshiach, we can overcome them calmly (Teitzei 5751).   Moshiach Now!

Moshiach daily moshiach tidbit אלול התשע"ו
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כ"ט חשון התשע"ז

Mitzvas Lo Saasei #64, Asei #8, Asei #6, #206

Today we learn four mitzvos in Sefer Hamitzvos: 1) (Mitzvas Lo Saasei #64) We need to trust what Hashem tells us through a Navi (once we know he is really a Navi), and not keep testing him to see if what he is saying is true. 2) (Mitzvas Asei #8) We need to act like Hashem! For example, Hashem has […]

Sefer Hamitzvot kidschitas חשון התשע"ז
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ד' אב התשע"ז

4 Menachem Av

Tanya in txt Studying D laws of Torah strengthens & reinforces D commitment to G-d (D body). Meditation in prayer- strengthens the love & fear of G-d (D arms)

TANYA chaim gajer אב התשע"ז
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י"ב אייר התשע"ז

11 Iyar

Tanya in txt Like a man chooses a woman 2 marry & 2B 1 with him- G-d out of his love 4 us, chose us (D Jews) 2B 1 with him. How?-Thru us doing Torah & Mitzvos  

Hayom Yom chaim gajer אייר התשע"ז
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א' אייר התשע"ו


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