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  By realizing that the challenges that we face are there only in order for us to prepare the world for Moshiach, we can overcome them calmly (Teitzei 5751).   Moshiach Now!

Moshiach daily moshiach tidbit אלול התשע"ו
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ט"ז אב התשע"ו

Mitzvas Asei #245

Today’s mitzvah (Mitzvas Asei #245) is the same mitzvah AGAIN! (When we are learning many halachos connected with the same mitzvah in Rambam, we just keep reviewing it in Sefer Hamitzvos!) When we do business, buying or selling things, we need to do it the way the Torah teaches us.

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כ"ג תשרי התשע"ז

23 Tishrei

Tanya in a txt Part 1 Prayer is a time of full revelation of D King. At such time 1 ought 2 focus and connect fully on his Majesty

TANYA chaim gajer תשרי התשע"ז
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כ"ג תשרי התשע"ז

Friday Tishrei 23, Simchat Torah 5704

We do not read the Torah at night. Blessing by the Kohanim at Shacharit. We do not have the custom to spread a Tallit over the heads of the Chatan Torah and Chatan Bereishit. The one called to the Torah also[1] says Chazak Chazak Venitchazeik. Friday Tishrei 23, Simchat Torah 5704 Torah Lessons (5703) Chumash: B’racha, Shishi and Shevi’i with […]

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