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  By realizing that the challenges that we face are there only in order for us to prepare the world for Moshiach, we can overcome them calmly (Teitzei 5751).   Moshiach Now!

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Mitzvas Asei #245

Today’s mitzvah (Mitzvas Asei #245) is the same mitzvah AGAIN! (When we are learning many halachos connected with the same mitzvah in Rambam, we just keep reviewing it in Sefer Hamitzvos!) When we do business, buying or selling things, we need to do it the way the Torah teaches us.

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26 Elul

  Tanya in a txt We can reach higher levels than prophets b/c they only saw visions. However, when we learn we can always go deeper in understanding. So learn..  

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Sunday Elul 26 5703

Sunday Elul 26 5703 Torah Lessons (5703) Chumash: Ha’azinu, First Parsha with Rashi. Tehillim: 119, 97 to end. Also 76-78. Tanya: It is plain (p. 491)…the other letters. (p. 493). The procedure of “kashering” meat for eating – by purging it of forbidden blood – is: Soaking, salting and rinsing. These concepts in Avoda: “Soaking”: immersing oneself in the Rebbe’s […]

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